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CommerceUp’s solutions to business challenges in Ecommerce

The first online purchase was in 1994 when a CD was sold. Ever since online shopping has grown steadily over the years until the pandemic, when it took a steep rise. Even after the lockdown and movement barriers were lifted, online purchasing kept growing. Starting in 2023, ecommerce is expected to generate sales of USD 5.42 trillion every year. Estimates say that today there are between 12 million to 24 million ecommerce sites across the entire globe, with more and more coming up every single day.

If you are one of the tons of such ecommerce stores, you need to ask yourself, ‘does my store surpass the multitude of competitors?’ and ‘how can I make my ecommerce store outperform the rest?’ A sobering statistic published in an article by Failory shows that e-commerce businesses have a failure rate of between 80% to 90%, with most failing within the first 120 days.

This means that the success rate is less than 20% as online businesses can’t expect to make a profit within their first few months. Rather, they need to prioritize marketing and improve SEO so potential customers can find their website. Several other reasons matter too, like poor product content, bad store characteristics, inefficient checkout processes, poor mobile experience, cart abandonment, poor site navigation, inability to provide personalized customer experience, bad customer service, etc. Most ecommerce stores opt for pre-built platforms or ecommerce enablers, where the online store and website development is managed by another party.

That’s where the role of ecommerce store providers comes into play. There are many such entities that will develop a cybershopping arena for you to market your merchandise, but will they provide you with an outstanding platform that you can use to scale your business and provide your customers the experience that they seek, but cannot get from others?

Ecommerce statistics show that 76% of people will stop doing business with a company after only two poor customer experiences and that 40% of users who have a negative experience on a brand’s mobile website will go to its competitor. The probability of a user bouncing off an online store increases by 32% if the page takes longer than a second to load and 80% of shopping carts are abandoned, mostly due to high extra costs.

Online commerce stores today face numerous business challenges. Many brands fail as they are not able to connect with the right technology and are bound with technology-driven business. They also suffer when migrating from monolithic to a modern ecommerce platform. Technical issues arising from scaling sales can cause lags and slow website performance. Antiquated product inventory management systems hinder cataloging of articles sold with product customizations. Templated solutions provided by many ecommerce platforms severely restrict the online stores to fully deploy their vision, meaning that your ecommerce provider’s universal solution may not be able to host your unique style of selling, or may charge you separately for it. They also face problems with bad customer experience arising from ineptly designed landing pages.

Serving as a revolutionary solution to these issues, Commerceup provides its enterprise and mid-large scale ecommerce brands with a modern and powerful cloud based platform that is highly customizable, scalable, reliable and performance-aggressive. Powered with the appropriate technologies, we provide a fast and efficient way to go online and start selling. Our platform is highly customizable and isn’t restricted by themes or templates, enabling ecommerce stores to execute their unique vision of selling tailored to their business requirements. Our pool of highly trained developers take care of server infrastructure and manage hosting responsibilities, allowing stores to focus on scaling rather than technology and maintenance. Since Commerceup is hosted on cloud AWS, online stores face no problems with scalability no matter how many users at a time.

Commerceup integrates a modern product inventory management system that enables product customization. Landing pages designed by Commerceup are always data-driven & customer centric and stand out as gripping and eye-catching, with a special focus on mobile commerce. Migration to our platform has also been made simple and trouble-free. We provide our SaaS to online stores for their B2B and D2C needs with a mobile-first approach delivering solutions that are multilingual, multi-brand and multi-currency. Our distinguishing business model is our offering of a highly personalized and customizable ecommerce platform with the most effective mobile solutions.

Out of our 100+ satisfied clientele, some of our famous patrons are VPerfumes, Kl Fresh, Pooja Peshoria and Timehouse. One of our customers Haider Ali T. reviewed Commerceup as “a great product with high scope of custom development able to provide customization according to requirements where Shopify and Magento had limitations.”

Commerceup’s cloud based flexible and adaptable ecommerce platform is designed to fulfill your real online-selling needs at the forefront with technical innovation. To create a fully customizable store with us quickly and establish your global presence, or to migrate to Commerceup from your outdated ecommerce platform providers that neglect commerce innovation, schedule a demo now.

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