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Tips to increase your sales in ecommerce

Know Your Buyer Persona

To reach your ideal customers, you first need to know who they are.

Creating a buyer persona is an essential sales technique and should be one of the first steps in developing your brand’s marketing strategy. If you don’t already have one, it’s never too late to get your team together and get to work.

A good buyer persona should include at least the following information

  • Who is your customer? Information about the customer’s general demographic profile, job, family situation, identifiers (personality, how he or she prefers to be contacted, etc) are all essential pieces of information.
  • How can your company help the buyer? What are their primary and secondary objectives and challenges?
  • Why are they interested? What are their motivations when choosing your products and services?
  • How will you reach them? What are the best marketing and sales messages to use and what are the best platforms to contact them on?

If you already have an active website, a very useful hack to start building your buyer persona is to check your Google Analytics. Here you can find information about your users’ age, the gender they identify with, their main interests and the profiles that convert the most.

Optimize Your Online Store

Online sellers can adapt to different channels, such as distributor stores or Amazon-type sites. However, investing in your own online store puts you in direct contact with customers and allows you to get a lot of valuable information about them.

For your ecommerce to be successful, your site must be well designed and optimized. A cumbersome page that takes a long time to load and has unclear information will negatively impact your conversions. Conversely, a site where the user can clearly find what they’re looking for and buy in a few clicks will cause the conversion rate to multiply.

In order not to waste the qualified traffic that comes to your store, take into account these key aspects.

  • Accessibility from mobile devices: Today, users are increasingly making purchases directly from their phones. Ensure that your website generates a good experience on all devices.Your website should have a responsive design and loading times that are as short as possible.
  • User experience (UX): Good UX makes for good interactions with a system (in this case, your website) and optimizes the buying processes for the consumer. This type of experience not only improves conversion rates, but is also impacts the image people have of your brand .
  • SEO and SEM: If you want to sell more online, users must be able to find you easily, so search engine advertising (both organic and paid) is a necessity.

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