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VPerfumes and their journey to fame

How a multi-brand D2C outlet VPerfumes capitalized on our Commerceup platform scaling their business and prevailing as our brand advocates.

VPerfumes started their business in 2009 with an aim to blend modernity & tradition. It is now one of the largest retail perfume chains in the Middle East offering the best perfumes in Dubai, UAE, Oman, and Qatar with more than 30 exclusive outlets. Currently they are expanding their markets in the Middle East and also into India and Asia. Starting off as a range of branded perfumes, they now also offer other accessories like watches, bags, shoes, apparel for men, women, kids, etc.

VPerfumes operates in the retail and wholesale sector which pose several business challenges. Customers prefer to opt for omnichannel buying experiences transitioning between offline and online shopping while expecting seamless experiences, and so VPerfumes had to expand its business spreading its wings into ecommerce. They chose to adapt our solution that led them to popularity with a modern ecommerce store and catchy landing pages. Our next-gen ecommerce platform enabled scaling of their online retail to triple-digit growth in revenue.

Jahangeer Elayedath, Head of Ecommerce, V Group reviewed VPerfume’s journey with us in the lines of “We started the e-commerce journey a couple of years back together with the association of Commerceup. The very first month itself we gained momentum and received pretty good orders exceeding our expectations. Soon after 3 months we attained a 50% growth, no doubt it was because of the satisfaction of our valued customers with the speed of e-commerce site. In comparison to last year we have 26% growth this year in spite of the poor market scenario. The best part of Commerceup is that we have hardly faced any issues during a major campaign and even if something happens, it will be addressed and solved at once. They are always there for us to listen and serve.”

In 2009 VPerfumes started their business selling luxury perfumes. Soon they were also offering top brands of perfumes along with exclusive collections of their own niche brands that competed with international quality brands. After gaining expertise in the production and distribution of authentic scents, they further expanded their product lines to accessories, apparels, clothing, fashion, lifestyle, flowers, wellness, skincare, kids products, travel accessories, etc.

In July 2020, following an association with Webcastle (a partner of Commerceup), VPerfumes launched their new and upgraded website on Commerceup platform and it was a huge success. With Commerceup they were able to quickly relaunch a highly scalable platform catering 30+ retail outlets led by an in-house development team. Our intuitive interface enhancement helped manage their latest technology stack. They were also able to reduce total cost of ownership, build customer loyalty and improve their reach using their upgraded website. Their landing page loading speed was increased by 40% in four weeks of development and relaunch, and also included a multilingual platform supporting Arabic.

With their newly upgraded platform, VPerfumes were able to scale their business and increase revenue by a two-to-three digit percentage. Commerceup’s hosting on AWS cloud enabled them to scale their business easily without fear of technical issues arising from high traffic surges. Soon after, they witnessed a better ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) and began the journey to become one of the leading luxury perfume retailers in the Middle East. Expanding their business into a multi-brand outlet that sells accessories, apparels, etc. VPerfumes also began providing white labeling, rebranding, and manufacturing of authentic fragrances.

Exhibiting their recent successes and spreading the word about Commerceup’s capabilities, VPerfumes have rightfully become our brand advocates, encouraging other ecommerce stores to benefit from Commerceup as well. The story of their rise to renown in the niche ecommerce segment of luxury perfumes and goods inspires webstores to achieve their undiscovered potential with Commerceup.

A very satisfied customer Flores from the UAE reviewed VPerfumes as “Users will find this app to be incredibly helpful. The app’s usability pleased me. I would suggest this app to anyone looking for a simple and quick way to buy perfumes that are genuine.”

VPerfumes is part of V Group International, a global luxury group dealing with perfumes & incense, lifestyle, fashion & flowers.

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